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Accident & Emergency Care

Available 24*7, the Department of Accident and Emergency Care at Manipal Hospitals treats everything from fractures and cuts to life-threatening conditions, such as strokes and heart attacks, adhering to the organization’s commitment towards clinical excellence. In all kinds of medical emergencies, the 20-bedded ED treats adults, adolescents, children, and infants. With training that encompasses different medical specialties, our Emergency physicians are well-prepared to meet demanding challenges. Come visit Manipal, the Accident & Emergency Care Hospital in India.

Why Manipal?

At Manipal Hospitals, the emergency team of multidisciplinary nurses, doctors, and specialists is available round the clock. After admission, the patient is examined by a triage nurse and then allotted a zone depending on the severity of their condition. Patients with time-critical and life-threatening conditions like strokes, heart attacks, and major accident wounds are immediately transferred to a dedicated zone called the Resuscitation Bay, where they are attended by a team of expert nurses and doctors. With the help of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, the team assesses and scans the body for internal trauma and injuries and prescribes the right course of treatment for better patient care and faster recovery. Come visit Manipal, the Accident & Emergency Care Hospital in India.

Manipal Ambulance Response Service (MARS)

With a dedicated ambulance MANIPAL AMBULANCE RESPONSE SERVICE (MARS), Manipal Hospitals provides the most holistic pre-hospital care during the golden hour in critical emergencies. Equipped with cutting-edge life-saving equipment, that monitors and transmits live information about the condition of the patient to ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)-trained emergency response physicians, and other critical systems like syringe pumps, monitors, and ventilators/defibrillators, these ambulances ensure the optimum utilization of the first hour following an emergency. These state-of-the-art ambulances are accompanied by a basic life support (BLS) certified emergency team and paramedic staff who are well-trained to cater to all kinds of emergencies including respiratory failure, heart attacks, and strokes. The fleet stays in touch with the emergency command center at the hospital throughout the journey. The MARS service can be availed anytime with just one phone call, thus helping patients receive critical medical assistance during the golden hour. 
With one of the largest fleets of ambulances including 30+ high-tech ambulances, Manipal Hospitals is committed to achieving maximum positive outcomes in saving lives and putting smiles back on the faces of patients and their loved ones.  

Treatment and Procedures