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Cardiology and Cardiac surgery

Best Cardiology Hospital in India

One of the largest and best cardiology hospital in India and the world, Manipal Heart Institute (MHI) offers comprehensive heart care, diagnosis, and treatment to newborns, patients aged over ninety, and everyone in-between with the best outcomes. From minimally invasive procedures and preventive heart care to some of the most complex surgeries and procedures, our expert team of surgeons and cardiologists is exhaustively trained to provide treatment for all your cardiac issues with clinical excellence.

Why Manipal?

At Manipal Hospitals, our superlative team of cardiac experts handles and treats the most delicate of cardiac issues across all ages. With expertise on treating a diverse range of cardiac conditions including coronary artery diseases, disorders of heart failure, valvular diseases, heart rhythm disorders, and congenital heart diseases, our eminent team of cardiovascular surgeons, electro physiologists, radiologists, interventional cardiologists, and echo cardiologists handle some of the most challenging heart conditions including paediatric surgeries in newborn babies. Book an appointment today at the best heart hospital in India and consult with our cardiology experts.


Manipal Heart Institute (MHI) is one of the largest and most modern heart care centers in Asia. From preventive heart care & non-invasive heart care to the most complex procedures and surgeries, from taking care of newborns to patients aged over ninety, we take care of all. With our team of the best cardiologists in India, we have successfully conducted several open heart surgeries and other procedures on 50,000 patients.

Our pediatric cardiology wing is one of the best in the country and is equipped with state-of-the- equipment. We provide the most cost-effective heart surgeries in Bangalore.

Manipal Heart Institute Bangalore has been ranked amongst the Top 10 in India, in The Week-Hans Research Survey 2011

Treatment and Procedures

Facilities at Manipal Heart Institute

  • Two state-of-the-art digital Cath Labs

  • CCU with 21 beds and ITU with 14 beds and 4 OTs

  • 4 full-fledged cardiac operation theatres

  • PET Scan for detecting surviving heart muscles after a heart attack. To know more Visit our best cardiology hospital in India.

  • Modern digital lightspeed CT scan which scans the heart in only 5 seconds

  • Nuclear Cardiology Division

  • 24 hour blood bank and laboratory support

  • Fetal Echocardiogram

  • Mobile Cardiac Care Unit which is equipped with ICU for offering critical services during medical emergencies

  • Ambulatory BP monitor is available at our heart hospital in India.

  • Even recorder

  • 24 hour holter monitoring

  • World-class stem cell unit which actively engages in research on all aspects of stem cell treatment for heart diseases

Cardiology and Cardiac surgery doctors
Card image

(Col) Dr. Monik Mehta

Senior Consultant - Cardiology


Card image

Dr. Amit Gupta

Consultant - Cardiology


Card image

Dr. Jyoti Kusnur

Consultant - Interventional Cardiology


Card image

Dr. Karthik Vasudevan

Senior Consultant - Interventional Cardiology Heart Failure Specialist

Yeshwanthpur - Bengaluru

Card image

Dr. Ranjan Shetty

HOD & Consultant - Interventional Cardiology

Old Airport Road - Bengaluru

Card image

Dr. Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay

Consultant - Interventional Cardiologist


Card image

Dr. Samanjoy Mukherjee

Consultant - Senior Interventional Cardiologist, Cardiac Science


Card image

Dr. Yugal Kishore Mishra

Chief of Clinical Services, Head of Cardiac Sciences and Chief Cardio Vascular Surgeon